I have a new project : a lunar world with stations, tracks and others objects.

Here is the list of my 33 Lunar objects :

n° 1.   Glass dome 50 m high and 50 m in diameter
n° 2.   Glass tube to join two station or other tube (road or tracks)
n° 3.   Glass tube with concrete borders to join two stations or tubes 
n° 4.   Curve glass tube to join dome stations or tubes
n° 5.  Three glass domes 50 m high
n° 6.   Glass pentadomes 50 m high
n° 7.   Long glass dome  34 m high and 50 x 140 m
n° 8.   Glass dome 50 m with larger concrete edge
n° 9.   Large glass dome 50 m high 200 m in diameter and edge
n° 10. Glass tube with high inner platform
n° 11. Glass tube with inner station platform 0.8 m high
n° 12. Long dome with platforms
n° 13. Very large dome 300 m in diameter
n° 14. Door to end tubes and stations
n° 15. Long dome acting like a station with passenger (in process)
n° 16. Great concrete crossing area with 8 branch-lines for roads or tracks
n° 17. Bridge with glass tube and 2 tracks (spline)
n° 18. Bridge like n° 17, but with other concrete color
n° 19. Bridge with glass tube, 2 tracks and catenaries (spline)
n° 20. Bridge with glass strengthened with steel rings, 2 tracks, catenaries
n° 21. Bridge like n° 20 with internal colored glass
n° 22. Bridge with boulevard road (highway) and traffic
n° 23. Tunnel with 2 tracks and catenaries
Maglev 001 Pierreren track 1 : track for Lunar maglevs
Maglev 001 Pierreren track 2 : track for Lunar Maglevs
Station Maglev Pierreren 001
: station for Lunar maglevs
Station Maglev Pierreren 002
: station for Lunar maglevs
Station Maglev Pierreren 003 Steelworks 022WT : industry 
Maglev 003 Tunnel Pierreren 95 : tunnel for maglevs on Moon
Lunar Maglev 005 Curve 25° Pierreren
Lunar Maglev Portal Pierreren 001 (to receive and emit maglevs)
n° 27. Automatic door to close stations, tubes
n° 28. Tube 512 m long acting like an airlock with 2 doors (n° 27)

and click here to see my maglevs and my stations for maglev !

What else ? Tell me !

The first object I made for this new program is :

n° 1 :          Lunar Station Pierreren 01  
                        Station lunaire Pierreren 01   
                        Estacion lunar Pierreren 01

It is a spherical dome 50 meters high and 50 m in diameter. This allows the placement of buildings (in surveyor, you push them under the glass dome) and rails or any other object. For tracks, the dome will not interfere because it does not move when you place them.

n° 2 and 3 :
I then made ​​two kinds of straight tubes of 100 m to reach different domes, one with cement border and one without borders.

I decided to give them the same name with a different number :

Lunar Station Pierreren 02 and 03
Station lunaire Pierreren 02 et 03
Estacion lunar Pierreren 02 y 03

kuid2:427808:25755:1 and kuid2:427808:25756:1

n° 4 :

Then I made a curved tube with a large radius of bend to respect the reality.

Lunar Station Pierreren 04
Station lunaire Pierreren 04
Estacion lunar Pierreren 04

kuid2:427808:25757:1 and kuid2:427808:25757:1

You see you can put a road or a track under the glass.

n° 5 :
Lunar Station Pierreren 05
Station lunaire Pierreren 05
Estacion lunar Pierreren 05

kuid2:427808:25758:1 and kuid2:427808:25758:1


In fact, it is a "three domes" which is longer than a simple dome and allow to
put more objects under the glass.
you see that it is possible to place under the glass dome buildings high enough, a station with passengers (download AJS stations) and a TGV (see on my content list).
Under the glass tube (n° 4) at right we see catenaries. Why don't you download my catenaries ?

n° 6 : 

fter this "three domes", I thought that I had to give a bigger structure to put more objects inside, so I made a "five domes", named Pendedome :

So, you see the place to put objects is very great ! You can put all you want outside and use them as modern stations in our universe ! With n° 14, you will find the door, as I thought that we need a door to end the tubes or some station.

Lunar Station Pierreren 06
Station lunaire Pierreren 06

Estacion lunar Pierreren 06

kuid2:427808:25759:1 and kuid2:427808:25759:1

n° 7

After trying to enlarge dome by adding more of them together, I tought it will be better to make one of them with a longer size : at first I made one with 140 m length and 50 m width, but only 34 m high.


It is better to put inside long buildings and overall a lot of different stations, as they have long platforms.

The diameter of the doors is allways standard (13,5 m outside and 12,5 m inside with 64 sides), so you can make objects to run with these objects.

Lunar Station Pierreren 07
Station lunaire Pierreren 07
Estacion lunar Pierreren 07

kuid2:427808:25760:1 and kuid2:427808:25760:1

n° 8
The edge or border of the first 50 m glass dome seems to be insufficient, so I made the same dome with a larger edge, what I named precinct (I don't know why) :

I hope you understand the dome is empty when you download it. Building are also to be downloaded elsewhere.
Lunar Station Pierreren 08 
Station lunaire Pierreren 08
Estacion lunar Pierreren 08

kuid2:427808:25761:1 and kuid2:427808:25761:1

n° 9

The large dome : 200 m in diameter, but still 50 m high ! And the new large precinct or edge or border or what you want !

You can see the two doors on each side : so you are able to put two tracts or two roads, I mean a road and a track crossing the dome. Don't forget that you can close any of the 4 doors with the n° 14.

There is a big place to put buildings, stations, different plants.

n° 22

Large spline tube strengthened with steel rings acting like a bridge
with a boulevard (highway) and traffic :


The tube strengthened with steel rings (28.84 m x 15 m high) has a visible internal glass and a boulevard (kuid: 52519:37030 to be loaded on TRS). The bridge is on objects/spline on surveyor. You can use it as a bridge, an elevated tube or a gradient.

Well today there are 33 objects !

Click here to see my maglevs !