A new kind of containers !

To load a new kind of products, it is not so easy at it seems to be !

n° 39 Steel products Pierreren 2

Steel products (pipes, plates, gaspipes, steel tubes)
acting like Auran containers kuid -3 : 10041
for loading and unloading in steel industry station :
you need Flat_car_Pierreren_002 (kuid2:427808:10215:1) to load them
and my steel industry station n° 16 (Station_Steelworks_016WT) : kuid2:427808:10955:1
to use them, or to write on config.txt of your stations and flatcars this kuid for products
to load or unload instead of -3:10041 or others products.

The new kind will replace the Auran containers (kuid -3 : 10041), but it needs new flatcar and new station... except if you now how to modify the config.txt of your stations. First, the new containers :

n° 37 40ft Container Pierreren

Containers Hapag, Hyundai, Hamburg Sud, Hanjin and P & O
acting like Auran containers for loading and unloading in containers station :
you need Flat_car_Pierreren_001 (kuid2:427808:10214:1) to load them
and my station n° 14 : kuid2:427808:10914:1 to use them,
or to write on config.txt of your stations this kuid for containers instead of -3:10041.
Why ?
Because, to load something on a flatcar we need to tell the program what product it will load. But all the flatcars have yet their products indicated on them, so a new product need a new flatcar !
So I created a new flatcar, but it will load my containers and also the old kinds of products, as Auran containers...
n° 38 : Flat_car_Pierreren_001

Wagon plateforme Pierreren_001
Coche plataforma Pierreren 001

Flat Car WP & YR with 2 x 2 wheels to load and unload
containers Hanjin, Hyundai, Hapag, Hamburg Süd and P & O.
You need to load  kuid2:427808:10141:1 (n° 37 : 40ft Container Pierreren)
to have these containers
and to  load the new station kuid2:427808:10914:1 (n° 36 : Station_Containers_ship_014WT)
with these containers yet installed.

Auran containers, 40ft and 20ft containers, general goods, lumber,
Chrysler and Mercedes cars (kuid2: 42796:29060 and 70), 
can be loaded on this flat car, without any modifications.

You can change de config.txt of your stations to load them : how to do ?
You open the config.txt of the station and you write this kuid
instead of -3:10041 for Auran containers 3 times :
- product-kuid .......
- product-kuid .......
- kuid-table ............

n° 36 : Station_Containers_ship_014WT

The only difference with n° 34 : Station_Containers_ship_012WT
is the kind a containers
that can be loaded and unloaded and you need n° 37 and 38 to be loaded on your TRS.