You can load and unload all kinds of products on two ships and a station.


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The station has two ships : the "Castilla" and the "Bremen".
The first is the "Castilla", which is to be loaded or
unloaded with containers (The "Castilla" is matching with Queue 2).
The loading or unloading docks (at right of the ship) are matching with
Queue 1 (only with containers), as I will explain below. You cannot load or unload cars in these parts of the station, if you don't want to have a car above some containers ! If you like it, it is not a problem, but it will be no realistic !

You may have 200 containers over static lots of containers. If the Queue 1 is to be unloaded, it is better to put on the Queue 200 containers, but if this Queue is to be loaded, it is better to begin with 0 ! It is the same with the ship, but with 92 containers.

The first ship is the "Bremen", which can be loaded
and unloaded with all products you find in Trainz. This ship is matching with Queue 3 and the quay where the ship is docked with Queue 5.
As for Queue 4 and Queue 6, between the two tracks and at right of the Bremen, they can be loaded or unloaded with all kinds of products. Queue 4 is the closest and Queue 6 is near the containers of the Castilla.
Just below you have Queue 4 with 80 cars (8 x 10) and 50 cars (5 x 10), so 130 cars or others products, but of the same kind. You apply the same rules as for containers (from 0 to 130). 

As for Queue 6, you can put 140 products of the container kind or smaller products like cars as you can see below :

There are placed in 5 groups of 3 times 4 x 8 and one time 3 x 8 and the last group on the other side of the right track with 2 x 8, so 17 x 8 = 136 + 4 others products, so 140 for the all Queue 6 !
You see Queue 5 at right of the "Bremen" and at left of the track with 70 objects of the car kind.

So you have :

Queue 1 : 200 containers at right of the "Castilla"
Queue 2 :  92 containers on the "Castilla"
Queue 3 : 108 products on the "Bremen"
Queue 4 : 130 cars at right of the "Bremen" between the two tracks
Queue 5 : 70 cars just at right of the "Bremen" on the dock at left
Queue 6 : 140 products closest than the cars of Queue 4

And for the all station, 740 products !

But, remember you can have different products on the same Queue.

Now, how to proceed ?

You have to click on the "?" on surveyor or better :


and see  n° 50 Multiple industry station with explanations :

Click here :
Station steelworks