In the early 70's, regional and suburban Renfe services were offered by 1500 V trains (series 433 and 434), Swiss (series 436, 437 and 438) whose speed and comfort had already become outdated and the serie 439, which reaches 130 km/h, but with a low number of units and not so good comfort for passengers.

The serie 440 of Renfe is a serie of power units supplied from 1975 to 1985 and that were adjudicated to meet the objectives of the Strategic Plan of Renfe (1972-1975), I mean to reach 140 km/h on the main lines of the network and to improve the links with the neighborhood of major urban centers. These units began to be delivered in 1975, manufactured by CAF and MACOSA.

RENFE acquired a total of 255 units of the 440 serie, so these trains were equipped with a powerful engine to achieve the desired speed and get good acceleration. The original 440 units were blue with a yellow strip.

Renfe UT 440-069 Azul in Madrid Atocha Station

As you can see on this picture, originally all the cabins had an intercom door at the front of the cab.

I think it is the only one 440 Azul you can find for Trainz ! It a very nice
train made with details as you can see :

These units were numbered from 440-001 to 440-255.
So, you can download it on :

You will get Renfe 440-069 M, Ri and Rc
M = Motor, Ri = Intermediario, Rc = Remolque
so you have : M - Ri - Rc

The motors of these units were built by GEE, WESA and MELCO under Mitsubishi license, each unit having 4 engines MB-3165-A2, MB-3165-B or MB-3165-C depending on the lot. These engines offer a continuous power of 290 kW on each powered axles, operating under 3 kV, and they have a power of 1160 kW, giving a maximum speed of 140 km/h.
For over 30 years they are at the core of medium distance and local services. It is a self-propelled train with 3 cars of which only one is powered with a driver's cab at both ends (M = Motor). Originally this car had a van to transport and postal parcels, one is the intermediate trailer (R = Remolque), and finally there is a trailer with a cab (C = Cabina).
This serie 440 has traveled more miles in Spain than all the others series.

In the first units, the red imitation leather seats of the cars were fixed (they cannot be adjusted to the direction of motion) by opposing pairs :

On the web, you have a lot of pictures of these original 440 units of blue and yellow color, like 440-001-6, 440-080 (1988), 9-440-096-6 (preserved), 440-140 (1991), 440-206 (1988), 440-250 (1991).

The best picture gives the front of the 8-440-133-7 !

Nearby Services (Cercanías) :

Between the late 80's and early 90's suburban services needed more and more units to provide services, so that units assigned to regional services were allocated to these services and regional services received old electrotrenes from serie 432.
A great number of these “Unidades Electricas 440” were transferred to Cercanías, the first of them receiving the new colors being in 1990 the 440-080-0 : red, white and black from top to bottom on front cab, with diagonal red, white and black bands on white side cars and a large black bottom strip :

They keep these colors a long time, as some of them had them in 2000 or later.

The 440-113-9 in 1991, the 440-097-4 in 1996 and the 440-084 in 2000 have the same colors on the web.
On STR, for Trainz, you find the 440-029M with 440-073I and 440-063C in the same pack : it is a matter of fact that you never have the same numbers, as all units were exchanged. It is the right composition. This unit is in blue color in 1981 and like above in 1997 on the web.

Details of the cab and the front door before the modernization of these units.

After this period, since 2002 (?), the front cab will be of red and black colors, without the white color, and the red and black side bands will be separated by a white band, the black strip remaining on bottom, the roof being of red color as 440-138-6 in 2002 on the web and many others units... We cannot find them in Trainz with the serie 440, but with serie 470, like this 470-169M :

At last, the "Cercanías" of Renfe Operadora have new colors, since 2005 (?) :

Here, you see on Atocha Station (Madrid) the blue 440-069 at right
and the red 440-029M from Cercanías at left, so in the middle track
the UT 440R Cercanías with the colors of Renfe Operadora : red and
white with two strips on the sides : "red and purple".
The number is 1M. This unit is renovated, as it is shown with its number
440R : great windows, no more front door...

We have to see the renovated units (440R and 470) later.

You find it on Trainz DLS :
UT 440 RM Cercanías = kuid : 69338:640:1 from caa
with RI and RR = 641 and 642.

He also gives the only one Regionales unit on Trainz... but it does not works,
I think. 

and soon you will see the others 440 !
I am working on !