Flat cars with containers

(Hanjin, Hapag, Hyundai and Hamburg Süd)


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The 14 flat cars with containers I have made


They are below with numbers 26 to 45 :
You can ask me for the kind of container you want to be made... if you send me the pictures of all the faces !

n° 26 : Container flat Hanjin 10 
Hanjin container on an Auran flat car with Auran bogey

n° 27 : Container flat Hanjin 11

The same Hanjin container with a WP & Amp; YR flat car
and Auran bogey.

n° 28 : Container flat Hapag 12 
A new flat car with its own CF 12 bogey
(except two wheels from Auran) and with Hapag container.

n° 29 : Container flat Hyundai 13
The same with Hyundai container. As for the Moon, see n° 6.

n° 30 : Container flat Hanjin 14

Flat car with Hanjin container and
new bogies from SNCF, but Auran wheels.
n° 31 : Container Flat Hamburg  Süd 16
 Hamburg Süd container with the CF 12 bogey

n° 40 : Container flat Uniglory 17
Flat car with its own CF 12 bogey
(except two wheels from Auran) and with Uniglory container.

n° 41 : Container flat P&O 18

Flat car with its own CF 12 bogey
(except two wheels from Auran) and with P&O container.

n° 42 : Container flat P&O 19

Flat car with CF 12 bogey
(except two wheels from Auran) and with  2 P&O container,
like in Landbridge at Cajon Pass (California)

n° 43 : Container flat Evergreen 21
Flat car with Evergreen container

  n° 44 : Container flat CFX 22
Flat car with CFX container

n° 45 : Container flat Trans Ocean
Flat car with Trans Ocean container

n° 46 : Container Flat Cast
Flat car with Cast container

n° 47 : Container Flat Maersk Sealand
Flat car with Maersk Sealand container