Multiple Industry station + products list + flatcar for them !

Station Steelworks - Gare d'acierie

I am working on a station with industrial activities
where it will be possible to load and unload my products, like
 n° 37 (40 ft Containers),
n° 39 (Steel products Pierreren)
 n° 48 ( 40 ft Containers Pierreren 3)

At last, I think it is better to make a multi-industry station !
So you can load and unload all the products you have on your Trainz.

Here is the station :

You can see a lot of products on platforms !
Of course, the products you want to load or unload :
here you can see containers, pipes, cars, Sherman tanks, lumber...

It will be easy to have these products and many others ones :

You click on : ?
And you have :

So you click on Queues and you had the products you want
by choosing on a list between all the products you have
(you load them on TRS : they are marked with a barrel) :
You pick the product you want :

 So you have all products by queue (below, queue 1) :

In fact, for the process to work you need to place with the right kind (I think) :
queue 1 = cont 20 ft
queue 2 = cont 60 ft
queue 3 = gengoods
queue 4 = logs
queue 5 = lumber
queue 6 = coal

It works if you put cars on queue 3 or 6 or elsewhere, but the script tell us to do so.
After it, you need to choose the track (one track here)
and if the product is to be loaded or unloaded :

Then the process to be done :
In fact you can put 3 products to be unloaded for production and 3 to be loaded when producted.
More than these 3 products is not possible... but if you place 50 others cars they will be loaded on trains
but when all will be loaded, it will be finished for this kind of car

The best is to unload my containers and steel products to produce cars or what you want.

I mean what you want to load and to use to product something !

So, for example, 2 containers will permit to do 1 Sherman
5 steel products will do 1 container
As you like !

The first train (Locomotive 321 Renfe and flat cars Container_Flat_Pierreren 3)
leaving the station with a lot of containers from
40 ft Container Pierreren (n° 37)
40 ft Container Pierreren 3 (n° 48)
Look at all the products at left of the platform (lumber, pipes, Sherman).

The second train leaving the station with
Steel products Pierreren 2 (n° 39)
and some containers from Auran.

The third train with some cars loaded and pipes from
Steel products Pierreren 2 (n° 39).
You see on the platforms cars, Sherman tanks,
containers "P & O" from
40 ft Container Pierreren (n° 37)

Since November the 4th you find on TRS :

40 ft Container Pierreren 3
Containers Maersk Sealand, Evergreen, CSX, CAST, Uniglory

Click here to download these products from Auran !

When the flatcar will be on Auran, I will give you the station and try to make a multiple industry
ship to load. So today (November the 5th), the flatcat is uploaded :

                            Container_Flat_Pierreren 3
    Flatcar with articulated wheels (here with two cars loaded)

Flat car for all kinds of products (and Pierreren products !)...
I did not try to load Sherman tanks, as I tested the station only with my containers and cars, lumbers...
Try and see !
I put two stations, the first one with containers and steel products to load,
the second with these products to be unloaded and cars to be made with them.
I changed the bogies and put articulated ones, but it involved some others changes.

***    ***    ***   ***    ***    ***    ***

As for the station, it works... but the space for track is not large enought
and some windows looks not so good...
And I need to put the boards for the station name and platform names.
It will be Station_Steelworks_022WT (They carried out successfully
with Apollo 8, but for me it is 22... and the first was 16) (kuid:427808:10999:1)
So, the space for track is good right now and I put a new building, very nice !
I made a board with the station name, but no platform numbers or names.
I think I will upload it saturday or sunday... as I am working. I just finished to correct
a lot of student works over "Globalization"... 12 hours !

If you want to load cars on your flat cars, you have to download on TRS
these products below (they all can be loaded on my flatcar 002) :

1.   Automobile Chrysler, 42796:29060:2
2.   Automobile Mercedes Benz, 42796:29070:2 
3.   BMW X5, 86311:29021:1
4.   BMW X5 2, 86311:29022:1
5.   Cars Chevrolet Impala 1959, 68213:60031:1
6.   Ford Escort 1970 car red, 92263:62534:1
7.   Ford Escort 1970 car orange, 92263:62535:1
8.   Ford Escort 1970 car grey, 92263:62531:1
9.   Ford Escort 1970 car green, 92263:62532:1
10. Ford Escort 1970 car blue, 92263:62533:1
11. Ford Escort, 92263:62521
12. Ford Transit, 92263:62701
13. Ford Fiesta, 92263:62501:1
14. Iveco, 92263:6280115. Kia Rio Cars, 192605:29005:1

16. LADA NIVA 4X4, 86311:29020:1
17. LADA 2107, 86311:29014:1
18. Niva, 147360:29000:1
19. Seat Ibiza, 86311:29010 (as it is not on the same way, it needs special place)
20. Trucks Chevy Cheyennes, 68213:60032:1
21. TYind Ford Fiesta 2005 car, 92263:62501:1
22. TYind Ford Escort 1987 Estate car, 92263:62521
23. TYind Ford Escort 1981 car, 92263:62511
24. Volvo 244 Product, 58223:41235

Others products :

1. Bulldozer, kuid:42796:29001
2. Tractor Massey-Fergusson, kuid:42796:29010
3. Stewart tank, kuid:42796:29050 (problem)
4. Sherman tank, kuid:42796:29005
5. Rails, kuid:86311:1477

6. Rails, kuid:86311:1480

7. Rails, kuid:86311:1481
8. Rails, kuid:86311:29025
9. Logs 4m, kuid:57344:10002:1

All these products above are loaded as 20ft containers ! It is to say 2 products by flatcar.10. Bricks, kuid:44988:80020

11. Steel coils, 1,5 x 1 m, kuid:44988:80090:3
12. Steel coils, kuid:92263:60002
13. Steel coils, kuid:92263:60001

All these products above are loaded as General goods ! It is to say 8 products by flatcar.

One product by flatcar (like 40ft container) :

14. Logs 8m, kuid:57344:10003:1
15. Rails, kuid:44988:80011:1
16. Rails (rusty), kuid:44988:80012:2
17. Poutres (in French), kuid:44988:80016:1
So you have 41 products to be loaded on my last flacar :
Container_Flat_Pierreren 3
Flatcar with articulated wheels (here with two cars loaded).
 + my products !